Postcard, Ayusi Sweeping Bandits with a Lance, Giuseppe Castiglione, Qing Dynasty

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Giuseppe Castiglione was a native of Italy. At the age of nineteen he entered the Society of Jesus as a novitiate, also studying painting and architecture. When he was twenty-seven years old, he was sent to China where he was to spend the majority of his life. Giuseppe Castiglione was eventually summoned to the palace as a court painter, where he portrayed birds, flowers, figures, and horses. A-yü-hsi was a chieftain of the Chun-ke-erh of Sinkiang during the time of Emperor Kao-tsung (1735 – 1796) of the Ch’ing dynasty. He committed some offence for which he was to have an arm cut off, but escaped and submitted himself to the Ch’ing court. Hearing of his bravery, Emperor Kao-tsung summoned him, presenting him with silver and appointing him a member of the Imperial Guard. In the year 1775, the Ch’ing army suppressed the Ili of Sinkiang, a campaign in which A-yü-hsi won the great victory of Ke-teng-e-la. For this victory, Emperor Kao-tsung wrote a song and commanded Giuseppe Castiglioneto paint the portrait of A-yü-hsi.


The creativity of this item is inspired by National Palace Museum's collection, "Ayusi Sweeping Bandits with a Lance, Giuseppe Castiglione".
The picture has gone through high resolution image processing and professional color management, and been printed on the high-quality art paper to reproduce the original warm texture and delicate colors.
Each item comes with National Palace Museum's security label in order to confirm the product quality and authorization.

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