A3 Size, Print Card, Pont Neuf, Paris, Auguste Renoir

  • Product Code: 4718008798152
  • Size: 29.7 x 42 cm ±5%
  • Material: Paper
  • Weight: 45 g



Renoir was a classic impressionism painter born in a poor tailor's home at Limoges, France. When he was a teenager, Renoir was sent to a porcelain factory to learn crafting. The work of painting porcelain and folding screens generate his interest in painting. Therefore he went to the art school to study painting where he met Monet and Heathry and embarked the path of impressionism. Renoir is famous for painting portraits, among which the most classic ones are those full of bright faces and hands in sweet and laid-back atmosphere. Compared with other painters such as Miller, the theme of his arts is joyful and happy. Therefore, beautiful women and flowers, cute children, charming wine, and happy evening parties are all his favorite themes for painting.
【From the collection of: National Gallery of Art】


The picture has gone through high resolution image processing and professional color management, and been printed on the high-quality art paper to reproduce the original warm texture and delicate colors.

Transparent bag

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