Letters (Chicha), Su Shi, Song Dynasty, Giclée

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  • Size: 34 x 26 cm ±5%
  • Default white border: Plus four sides of the heart 1 cm
  • Material: Rice Paper
  • Weight: 96.9 g


Tags: Original size and media, Calligraphy


Su Shi (style name Zizhan, sobriquet Dongpo) was one of the Four Great Calligraphers of the Northern Song. This album leaf features two letters written by Su Shi. The right one, entitled "Baoyue," includes such lines as "in gratitude to his honor" and "pressing for the book on rituals," and it was done in 1065 for Du Shuyuan (ca. mid – 11th c.). The term "his honor" is in reference to Su Shi's father, Su Xun (1009 – 1066), "Baoyue" to an elder in the clan (Su Weijian, 1012 – 1095), and "Lingzi" to Du Yi (? – 1094), the son of Shuyuan. Du Yi had the style name Daoyuan and was the recipient of the left letter here composed in 1080 entitled "Chicha," where "Mengjian"refers to Du Yi's son, Du Chuan (ca. 11 – 12th c.). The two letters were written 15 years apart, yet both reveal the same swift brushwork, sharp lines, and dashingly free manner. The former has a greater sense of pure handsomeness compared to the latter, but the two are still treasured examples of Su Shi's calligraphy.


All Giclée are developed on high-quality rice paper with nanotechnology inks guaranteed by original manufacturers. Passed Weathering Test: resistant to moisture, temperature difference and light pollution.
Each item comes with a warranty card which describes detailed product information in Chinese, English and Japanese. Customers of different countries can better understand the features and introduction of the products.
Each item comes with National Palace Museum’s security label in order to confirm the product quality and authorization.

Seal of painting album

Its design is based on international boutique-class packaging to create the seal of painting album. The seal is wrapped with art paper that has import material feeling. On the surface of the paper, three-dimensional bronzing treatment is applied to give a mature, restraining, and fashionable style. 
Painting is wrapped with fine silky materials to isolate it from moisture and light damage. With large-gram thick paper used as substrate and a special design, the painting is well protected from any damage during transportation. The package is quite handy and convenient for transportation. 

Packing size : 38×32×0.2cm
Appendix : Warranty Card

1. This product has been authorized by National Palace Museum. Unauthorized reproduction will be prosecuted.
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4. In order to protect your rights and interests, please confirm if the received item and quantity are correct. Please also confirm if there are any defects on the product and packaging.
5.The margin of 1 cm along the printing is set to protect and for framing. If you have special framing requirements, please leave a message in "Add Comments About Your Order".
6. Due to the difference in environment and the media material characteristics, it is normal for dimensions of actual product to differ from the specified dimensions by within ±5%.
7. The color of webpage image is slightly different from actual product due to lighting conditions during photo shoot and different display settings. Hence, the image is for reference only. Actual color should be subject to the product received.
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