B4 Size, Print Card, Fishes and Aquatic Plants, Ma Wenlin, Qing Dynasty

  • Product Code: 4718008796165
  • Size: 25.7 x 36.4 cm ±5%
  • Material: Paper
  • Weight: 66 g



Though the birth and death dates of Ma Wenlin are unknown, he was a court painter of the middle to late Qing dynasty serving in the Ruyi Hall group around the Tongzhi and Guangxu reigns (1862 to 1908).The fans here depict perch, carp, and goldfish of various colors swimming and resting among water plants, creating for a natural sense of liveliness and harmony. Despite the fish scales appearing as crisscrossing arced lines that are slightly formulaic, the brushwork is firm and steady with the ink and color washes done in layers. The goldfish are opulently colored, while the ink tones for the perch and carp are light and elegant. The background water plants have a rich and translucent effect using plant-based colors in the "boneless" method of painting, ranging from light to dark. Solid and void interact with both luminescent beauty and elegant refinement.


The picture has gone through high resolution image processing and professional color management, and been printed on the high-quality art paper to reproduce the original warm texture and delicate colors.
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Each item comes with National Palace Museum's security label in order to confirm the product quality and authorization.

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