Postcard, Album of Imitating Antiquity-Peonies, Yun Shou-ping, Qing Dynasty

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  • Size: 14.8 x 10 x 0.01 cm ±5%
  • Material: Paper
  • Weight: 5 g


Tags: Birds and Flowers


Yun Shouping, the Qing master of flower painting, combined an attitude in painting of “sketching from life” along with methods of the ancients. This leaf from Yun Shou-ping’s “Album of Imitating Antiquity” depicts two stalks of peonies (one in full bloom and the other as a bud) in the “boneless” technique of washes originally developed by the Northern Song painter Xu Chongsi (fl. latter half of 10th c.) combined with the artist’s own method. Yun Shou-ping once said that to paint flowers with utmost liveliness, one must depict them in as many poses and situations as possible while trying to make viewers almost feel they can smell their fragrance. The entire work here is done in “boneless” washes, in which lines of ink for outlining the forms are abandoned. Layers of washes were directly applied, to which colors were added for the veins and outlines. The use of colors is bright and pure, giving the work an original style all its own.


The creativity of this item is inspired by National Palace Museum's collection, "Album of Imitating Antiquity-Peonies, Yun Shou-ping".
The picture has gone through high resolution image processing and professional color management, and been printed on the high-quality art paper to reproduce the original warm texture and delicate colors.
Each item comes with National Palace Museum's security label in order to confirm the product quality and authorization.

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