Fishing in Reclusion Among Mountains and Streams, Tang Yin, Ming Dynasty, Limited Edition (S)

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  • Size: 15 x 217.3 cm ±5%
  • Material: P-Tex
  • Weight: 475.9 g


Tags: Limited Edition, Chinese Landscape


Tang Yin, native to Wuxian (Suzhou), Jiangsu, studied under the painting master Zhou Chen and later surpassed him, being one of the Four Ming Masters. This handscroll painting depicts pine trees, red maples, and yellow leaves against a waterfall and flowing stream with thatched cottage and water kiosk buildings scattered among rocky banks. Figures kneel to each other for a drink, leisurely hold a staff on a walk, lean on a railing to observe fishing, or play a flute with feet in the water for a carefree existence. The mountains combine "hemp-fiber" and elongated "axe-cut with water" texture strokes, the rocks rendered with washes of mineral blue and ink. The places in sunlight are left blank to suggest the light and dark of uneven surfaces for a volumetric effect. The leaves are painted in the outline method with washes of cyanine blue, cinnabar red, and gamboges yellow added for a beautiful and colorful manner. The brush and ink throughout is also exceptional, the scenery even more marvelous. Tang Yin's inscription on the painting includes the line, "In times of peace heroes drop their guard," expressing aspirations that filled his heart but also indicating that people of talent had no chance to demonstrate their abilities. Such students of Wen Zhengming as Lu Zhi, Cheng Dalun, Gu Deyu, and Ju Jie all wrote inscriptions at the end of the scroll, and the inscription by Wang Chong was composed in the spring of the second year of the Jiajing reign.


All Giclée are developed on P-TEX with nanotechnology inks guaranteed by original manufacturers. Passed Weathering Test: resistant to moisture, temperature difference and light pollution.
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Hand-made brocade collection box

Hand-made brocade box, using three-dimensional colorful jacquard technique, is interwoven with dragon patterns which symbols royal emperor and turtle back patterns which symbols long living. It is an eclectic design of elegance and grandeur. With glossy brocade, the package gives you a very nice visual and tactile perception, imparting more distinguished quality. The thoughtful design of the inside of box can keep the picture and guaranteed card properly for a long time. It is also convenient to take out the picture for appreciation at any time. 

Packing size : Inner package-10.5×9.5×17、Outer boxz-11.5×10.5×18.5cm
Appendix :  limited edition warranty card

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