Prajna Paramita Hrdaya Sutra, Zhao Mengfu, Yuan Dynasty

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  • Size: 32 x 394 cm ±5%
  • Material: Acid-free Paper
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Zhao Mengfu was from Wu-hsing, Chekiang. His style name was Tzu-ang, his sobriquet Sung-hsueh tao-jen. Although he was a member of the Sung royal house, he entered the administration of the succeeding Yuan dynasty. He became a member of the Han-lin Academy and was given the title "Duke of Wei". He was also honored with the posthumous title Wen-min. Zhao's natural abilities are evident in his poetry and essays. He is also one of the great painters of Chinese art history, and his calligraphy is unsurpassed. He demonstrated equal facility in seal, clerical, standard, semi-cursive, and cursive styles, but his greatest achievements were in the small standard script. Zhao Mengfu was always conscious of the importance of past styles and strove to emulate their good points. In spite of this reliance on past models, the appearance of his written characters is innovative, full-bodied, and relaxed. He was able to build on the foundation laid by Wang Hsi-chih (321-379) and Wang hsien-chih (344-386) of the Chin dynasty.


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Antique Replica Collection Box

Brocade patterns of the hand-made antique collection box cover include flowers, ancient money, and symbol of Swastika which symbolize Buddhism. All represent auspicious omen and complete, holy and grace, and rich and long lasting. Composition of these patterns are complex and various, displaying a symmetrical and balanced beauty and showing the solemn and gorgeous Buddhism which contains profound auspicious and beautiful meaning. The interior of the box is tailored for proper collection of precious paintings and calligraphies, suitable for long-term preservation and also convenient for taking out to appreciate at any time.

Packing size : Inner package-35×22.5×5.1cm、Outer box-37×24×6cm
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