Navigating between figurative and abstractive ink painting
Ms. Chiang, Hsin-Ching was born in Taichung of Taiwan and is a Chinese ink painter, poet and writer. During her four years of study at the Chinese Faculty of Soochow University, she often went to the National Palace Museum to appreciate the fine art collections of Chinese cultural relics, famous calligraphy and Chinese ink paintings. This, in turn, sowed seeds of creation of calligraphy and painting for the future. From 1998 to 2001, she cycled to more than 30 countries on five continents with her friend, Lin Cunqing. She traveled through the famous sceneries, communicated with the nature, visited various art galleries and museums, interacted with artists and literati, and cultivated rich artistic nutrients. In 2012, she began her creation work of "Creative Calligraphy", which uses calligraphy line as layout of a paint, and held her first creative calligraphy exhibition in the same year. Although she has never held a paint brush before, based on her inner instinct, she started creating modern ink painting and received guidance from Professor Liu Guosong who is the father of "modern ink painting." During the six months of self-study, she created numerous colorful and unrestrained modern ink paintings. In 2014, she studied and learned modern ink painting formally from Professor Liu Kuo-Sung, Professor Luo Fang, Professor Li Zhen-ming, Professor Cheng Dai-lei and Professor Chuang Lien-tung. In 2016, she was the resident artist at "Yoyokaku Hotel" in Kyushu Karatsu of Japan. As an art lover, Chiang, Hsin-Ching devoted herself to the creation of calligraphy and painting. She presented the inner energy of life through the multiple techniques of fusing ink and colors. With layers of ink, bright colors and symbolic characters, she created an artistic and spiritual conception which navigates between representational and abstraction, hence, forming a strong personality style and conveying the philosophy of oriental humanity.
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