The texture of his painting gives people an impression like it has been through years of erosion and become a strong portrayal of real life.
For Mr. Wang Yingchun, painting and graffiti have a deep impression in his colorful childhood, as if he was born in the pursuit of art with a strong desire for creation accompanying him all the way. However, in this world, genius belongs to a few after all. If you want to make a breakthrough, your heart must uphold perseverance, fortitude, and confidence, keeping challenging yourself unceasingly. Like the texture of the paint demonstrated, it is a strong portrayal of real life through years of experience. Has awarded many awards such as the first prize in watercolor category of Taichung Art Exhibition for consecutively three years and watercolor and oil painting of French Salon Award; Held many solo exhibitions, joint exhibitions, and Art Pass on Generations - the 16th Relay Exhibition of Taichung Fine Artists; Served as painting teacher, society advisor, and government officer, promoting literature and art exhibitions. Engage in children's art eduction from 1983 till now and is an all-round artist. Served as leader of Chacolor Art House, advisor of art show series “Hand in Hand” by Sanli Taiwan Television and art advisor of Taiwan Culture Guild and Taichung 803 General Hospital. In 2002, acquired exemption qualification by Taichung Art Exhibition. In 2007, established a private short-term cram school of Chacolor Fine Arts in Taichung. In 2008, Chacolor Fine Arts was certified by Taichung Culture Bureau as the No.19 Art Shop.
All-round ecological artist
Mr. Ko Hongtu started from basic fine arts and learned graphic design during his college time. In 2009, he obtained master degree from the Institute of Fine Arts of National Taiwan Normal University. Threw himself in the field of Applied Fine Arts for about 30 years, he's anxious in recent years to find back his original enthusiasm in pursuit of painting from design field. His study of painting process all relies on his self-exploration. He loves brilliant light color and his creative methods diverse. He can paint both realistically or with patterns. He can master lines smoothly with confidence and good at using delicate sketch to present sense of depth. Known as a "all-round designer", Mr. Ke Hongtu is an ecological artist whose technique crosses design and painting fields. His works have a style that gives people an unsophisticated impression. He paints mostly subjects of local culture caring and nature protection. From this concept of creation he further discusses the application of painting art. He is a designer who attaches importance to humanities and environment protection. In 2002, he served as President of Taiwan Poster Design Association; From 2006 to 2008, served as President Art Design Association of the Chinese Republic Of China; In 2008, served as associate professor of the Department of Commercial Design of Ming Chuan University; In 2010, acted as Artistic Director of Hongtu Visual Design Studio; In 2011, served as advisor of Art Design Association of the Republic of China
Aesthetic and Dreamlike Visual Impression
In 1980, acted as a lecturer at the Chinese Culture University after graduated from Research Institution In 1990, acted as the head of the Fine Arts Department of Donghai University and was invited to participate in the "300-Year of Taiwan Fine Arts Exhibition". Hired by the Provincial Arts Museum and served as a member advisory committee and exhibition review committee for the museum. In 1994, promoted to professor, served as a member of the National Arts Exhibition Preparatory Committee, and was invited to participate in the exhibition In 1996, served as director of the Fine Arts Department of Donghai University once again In 1997, hired by National Changhua University of Education as a professor of its Fine Arts Department In 1999, planned to establish a master's degree course with credits in the Fine Arts Department of Tunghai University and served as head teacher. The topics he once participated in were: "The development track of Taiwan's glue-pigment paintings", the series of lectures and discussions on the history of Taiwan's glue-pigment painting, Chen Huikun's creation and teaching seminars and the International Symposium on the new century chromatology. As Mr. Zhan Qianyu has a research background in ink painting and art history, hence his creation of glue-pigment painting is based on Chinese classical aesthetics. Using the experience from touring and life, the content of his works such as flowers, animals, landscapes, and religion etc., truly represents the course of his life. The change in the creation style at each stage represents the change of his mental state and the imprint of the baptism and experiences from different cultures and countries.
Bright and concise, relaxed and beautiful
Mr. Wang, Zhao, a Manchu minority people, originally named as Wanyan zhao, was born in Beijing in 1950 and now lives in Japan. Due to the heavy influences from his family arts and the teachings from his parents, he practiced hard in painting since childhood. At the age of 8, he began to participate in the International Children's Art Exhibition and won many awards. In 1978, he studied at Beijing Painting Academy. In 1982, together with his wife, Ms. Han Xiuxian, he went to Japan for study and committed to Tokyo University of the Arts in Japan to learn from the modern Japanese painting master, Hirayama Ikuo. In 2005, he organized a compulsory fund-raising to help orphans in the Great Indian Ocean disaster. In 2006, he held another fund-raising in Shizuoka Prefecture and donated the proceeds to UNICEF. Mr. Wang, Zhao widened his knowledge of painting skills other than traditional Chinese ink painting in Japanese painting calligraphy and painting world. Inherited the painting style from Mr. Ping Shan, he uses hand-made bark paper and pure natural mineral pigment for color only, sometimes add with gold foil. Studying abroad in Japan for more than 30 years, he developed a unique and new Japanese painting genre which fuses traditional Chinese ink painting skills with Japanese traditional glue-pigment painting technique and is well received by the art world. Mr. Wang, Zhao's works encompass basis of traditional Chinese ink painting and modern Japanese painting skill, adopting natural Japanese mineral pigments to construct bright and concise image which has a strong deco taste with a powerful but relaxed beauty. Liu Xun, the old dean of Beijing Academy of Painting and the head of China Artists Association, believes that Wang, Zhao has gradually formed his own style.
Using soft and soothing colors to gently tapping people's hearts
Born in Shengang Township of Changhua County in 1965, she graduated from the National Taichung University of Education with a master's degree in Arts. She is assistant professor at the Taichung Overseas Chinese University of Science and Technology, an ambassador of Taichung Cultural Bureau Lishan Art Festival, a judge of the Central Taiwan Art Exhibition, and a lecturer at Japan Videoland Art ResearchIinsitute. Ms. Huang, Teng Hsuan’s creation is inspired by the tiny elements in life and is a part and natural expression of her life. And these tiny elements give the artist an indescribable deep consideration. Growing up in a coastal town in the mid of Taiwan, her deep love for art comes from her innate personality. Moreover, because of her inner artistic nature, she is eager to tell everyone that this is her own life. The inspiration of the author's creation comes from the life growing process and the awakening of consciousness, which expresses an inner spirit and an essential idea. She uses soft and soothing colors to hold onto people's hearts lightly and give the appreciator a deeper space of thinking. Her works tell people that there is always hope, light and fragrance in life and we shall take all things in the universe as teachers and operate with natural changes in life, learn from the nature and gain from the heart. Together with the perseverance in creation, she generates the biggest motivation of striving for excellence and blooming brilliance.
Mind Set Dreamland
Born in 1964 in a remote fishing village in Chiayi County, Taiwan Province and worked on farming near the sea. Enlightened by Mr. Chen Zhe and graduated from Fine Arts Department of National Taiwan Normal University in 1986. In 1994, acquired master degree at Fine Arts Institute of National Taiwan Normal University. Taught by Professor Chen Yinhui and received encouragement and advice from many friends made her pursue art creation without regret. Because there's love and gratitude in her heart, that's why she persisted without regret. Art creation is her career aspiration in which she enjoys and works selflessly. She uses paint brush to depict the image and concept of memories she collected and life moments she experienced. She refuses to be confined by form and wields freely to present touching moments in her heart honestly on the canvas through forms and colors, composition of texture and rhythm of lines. She wanted all the viewers to feel her admiration of nature, her pursuit of simplicity, and her yearning of hometown. In 1994, she joined the Taipei Western Painting Female Artists Association and the May Painting Society. She joined Taichung Arts Association in 2006. She has been an art teacher at the National Taichung Home Economies and Commercial School , a part time lecturer at the art department of National Taichung University of Education, an art teacher at Taichung Municipal Chu Jen Junior High School, a teacher at Taichung City Cultural Center teaching charcoal drawing/oil painting/sketched class, a oil painting teacher at the Education Promotion Center of National Taichung University, and a judge for oil painting of Taiwan Province Government Civil Officers Art Exhibition.
Gestalt Aesthetics
Born in Tainan in 1938 and graduated from Tainan Normal University in 1976, Mr. Chen, Huei-Tung has engaged in fine arts creation for more than 50 years. He's good at catching and interpreting the beauty of everything in the world, whether it is vivid portrait, full-figured and beautiful naked women, exotic landscape, high sailing boats, or hard-working fishermen. For all kinds of painting subjects, he can penetrate deeply to discover its essence meaning, endowing precise formation to the subject. Meanwhile, he pays high attention and pursuits perfection of light and color, coupling with rigorous composition of the picture, to give a full play to the classical beauty of realistic painting. Main experience: Member of the Review Committee of the Cultural And Construction Association; Advisory Committee member and member of the Review Committee of Sun Yat Sen Memorial House; Member of the Review Committee of Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Liao Ji-chun Award, National Taiwan Fine Arts Museum, Western Painting of Sun Yat Sen Literature and Art Creation, and National Museum of History; Member of Classic Collection of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts; Member of Decision Making Committee and Review Committee of Taiwan National Exhibitions; Member of Judge Committee of National Art Exhibition, Provincial Art Exhibition, National Oil Painting Exhibition, Taipei Art Exhibition, Fu Cheng Art Exhibition, Dadun Art Exhibition, Nan Ying Art Exhibition, Kaohsiung Art Exhibition, and Chimei Arts Award; Part-time professor of Fine Arts department of Chang Jung Christian University; Chairman of Tainan Fine Arts Research Association; Director of Tay Yang Fine Arts Association and the Republic of China Oil Painting Society; Convenor of Preparatory Committee of Tainan Fine Arts Museum
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