Chen, Zheng-Xiong
Aesthetic freehand brushwork (in traditional Chinese painting)
Born in 1943 in Taichung City, learning the art of photography from his father, Mr. Chen, Geng-Bin, No. 8 photographer who was invited into the Governor-General of Taiwan, and good at landscape and freehand-brushwork-style photography. In 1967, he went to Japan and studied technique of manually fixing color for color plate at Daito Color Printing Company. After back from Japan, he acted as the deputy general manager of Hsing Tai Color Printing Co., Ltd. From 1976 till now, he acted as publisher and writer of the Printer magazine. Since 1990, he has took further in-depth study of digital image processing, color management and image reproduction skills. Under his management, Hsing Tai Color Printing Company becomes the leader in color and image management industry. Furthermore, the color table developed by Hsing Tai Color Printing Company also becomes the criteria of color correction in printing industry. He serves as executive director of Taiwan Printing and Machine Industry Association, general manager of Hsing Tai Color Printing Co., Ltd., visiting professor of the Department of Graphics of National Taiwan University of Arts, and chairman of Printing Industry Technology Research Center till now. Mr. Chen, Zheng-Xiong adopts freehand brushwork technology from traditional Chinese painting into photography to record landscapes around the world. Since 1967, he has started to publish calendar with colorful landscape pictures of Taiwan and has never stopped. His footprint is everywhere in Taiwan. With the calendar of Taiwan images, Mr. Chen, Zheng-Xiong documented evolution of Taiwan cultural and custom over decades.


In 1986, he participated in the Art Exhibition of Thousand People in Kaohsiung City with his photography works
From 1990, he has exhibited his photography works every year. 
In 2000, he hosted the Centennial Exhibition of Taiwan Images 

Award-winning records

In 2002, awarded gold medal of outstanding lifetime achievement of printing dissemination by Corporate Printing and Dissemination Xincai Culture and Education Foundation 
In 2015, awarded Centennial Distinguished Alumni Award of National Taichung First Senior High School


Writing for 190 issues of Printing magazine from its initial issue till now 
Color table design and writing for Discussion On Status of CTP from its first edition to the sixth 


Chen Zheng-xiong, Sansiantai Sunrise (Taitung City, Taiwan), Giclee
Chen Zheng-xiong, Ghibli in the Autumn Sun, Giclee
Chen Zheng-xiong, Lan Yang Dawn (Yilan City, Taiwan), Giclee