Wang, Shuang-Kuan
Yiru Lay Buddhist - Blending imagination with art creation, put true feeling from your heart into realistic painting
Born in 1942 in Annan District of Tainan City, he traveled to Korea and Japan for realistic painted in 1980. Later he painted four large murals of "Blessing from Goddess to Give Water", "Burning Confucian Clothing at Confucius Temple", "The Eight Immortals Party", and "Yang Jian Fighting with Wenliang" for the Goddess Temple in Luermen, Tainan City. In 1984, he founded Dachong calligraphy and painting association and acted as its first president. In the year followed, he completed a great work of “A Spirit That Can Conquer Mountains and Rivers” after finishing painting of “The 108 Hero and Heroine of the Water Margin”. In 1987, he founded Wang Shuang kuan Chinese Painting Gallery of Buddha and painted the picture of “Longevity Like Pine and Crane”. From 1997 to 2000, he acted as lantern review director at Cixing lecture hall in Wuqi town. Wang Shuangguang engaged in professional elaborate-style painting for more than 50 years in his life. Started from oil painting in the fifties, he has been through many transformations. He tried to sculpt and write his ideas out with oil pigment but with Chinese painting techniques. At the end, he laid his foundation on realistic painting with elaborate brush strokes. Wang Shuangguang deems that not everyone can draw portrait of Guanyin Buddha. It depends on luck and cultivation of the individual and you have to have inner peace when you paint, thus, each painting you painted will demonstrate the merits of truth, kindness, and beauty. Take elaborate-style painting as an example, true means the painting looks vividly with every petal and leave of a flower looks like real. And kindness means the work is developed with a kind heart, which conveys a goodwill and removes evil ideas from the mind of those who appreciates the painting. Thus, it holds people back from wrong conducts. Beauty means the beauty of the art work itself. If all you have seen are good and beautiful, gradually you will have a beautiful heart.




In 1977, first solo exhibition
In 1994, Wang Shuang kuan Fine Art Exhibition
In 2011, Wang Shuang kuan - Taiwan 100 Temples and Oil Painting Exhibition
In 2012, father, son and daughter show of Wang Shuang kuan, Wang Weiming, and Wang Xiaoyi 
In 2012, joint exhibition of the 30th Dachong Calligraphy and Painting Association Members

Award-winning records

In 1976, won first prize of Sino-Japan Goodwill Painting Exhibition for the 17th time
In 1977, won commissioner on education prize of Sino-Japan Goodwill Painting Exhibition 
In 1981, won first prize of Chinese painting at the Central Art Exhibition, won excellence prize of Chinese painting at the Provincial Art Exhibition, and won first prize, golden medal, of Chinese painting at Taiwan Youth Art Creation Exhibition


Beauty, Flowers and Birds, and Landscape Collection
Volume 3 of the Elaborate-style Painting Collection
Volume 4 of The Hundred-Pose of Guanyin Paintings
Forty Years of Fine Works 
Episode VII of Top 100 Heroes In History Painting