Chen, Ming-Shan
Seek image from emotion and put emotion into image. Follow the heart, express the feeling through the brush.
Born in 1933 in Wanxian County, Sichuan Province (now Wanzhou District, Chongqing City), he was a preparatory committee member and exhibit judge of Taiwan Provincial Art Museum. In 2001, he was elected as an outstanding senior artist in Taichung City. Now, as a professional painter who has engaged in painting creation for more than 40 years, he painted not only oil paintings, but also water color paintings. In his early age, he loved to paint mountain cities, ancient houses, and boat, and in the mid-term, he mainly used landscape and fishing harbor as subject of his paintings. Recently, he favors using purple color to paint Taiwan local features such as lotus, flowers, figures, and landscape. In recent years, he adopted a technique of Chinese ink-painting with which he combined dry oil paint and diluted pigment for splashing to present a dripping, free, exaggerating, and transparent feature. Chen Ming-san observes the nature with philosophical idea and concept. His oil paintings contain a transcendent, lonely and self-driven feelings towards life and show a strong unique flavor of oriental ink painting. With this unique technique of integrating oil painting and watercolor, he blazed a trail that belongs to himself.


In 1988, Exhibition of Contemporary Art Creation of the Republic of China
In 1999, Cross-Century Asia-Pacific Watercolor Exhibition
In 2006, (Spring Up) International Chinese Classic Watercolor Exhibition
In 2008, Centennial Taiwan Watercolor Exhibition - Taiwan Contemporary Watercolor Exhibition
In 2010, the 57th Central Art Exhibition

Award-winning records

In 1980, the 20th Chinese Literary Medal
In 1993, Golden Jury Award of the 30th Republic of China Painting Society 
In 1995, the 18th Chung Hsing Art Award


"Flowers, Customs, Heartfelt Paintings - Chen Ming-shan Oil Painting Collection"
"Mountain Lotus Notes, Follow the Heart - Chen Ming-shan Paintings"
"Chen Ming-shan's Oil Painting Solo Album"
“Chen Ming-shan's Watercolor Collection” 
“Chen Ming-shan Paintings”


Chen Ming-shan, Lotus Pond in Spring, Giclee
Chen Ming-shan, Flowers of rememberance, Giclee
Chen Ming-shan, Lotus, Giclee

Chen Ming-shan, Lotus, Giclee


Ex Tax: NT$7,000

Chen Ming-shan, Beautiful Water Lilies, Giclee