Hsu, Wen-Jung
Currently hold the post of professor and director of Art Museum of Chienkuo Technology University, and visiting professor at Peking University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Hsu Wen-Jung tries to develop senses of beauty from different media and imagining conception of eastern aesthetics by attempting to use composite painting media, taking it as a way of ideological exploration and of conveying unique aesthetic view of artists. This method stems from western creative techniques. Professor Xu fused his Oriental thinking with western painting media to develop a unique style of himself.




In 1997, held a provincial exhibition tour 
In 2009, held a solo exhibition at Peking University 
In 2010, held a solo exhibition at Xiamen Art Museum
In 2012, held solo exhibition at Shanghai No. 1 Art Museum and Hong Kong Art Center respectively
In 2014, held Creative Exhibition of Hsu Wen-Jung - Crossing Limits

Award-winning records

In 1988, won the first prize of Art Award and of Chinese painting of the Golden Lion Award
In 1992, awarded the first place of Chinese painting category in the 47th Taiwan Art Exhibition, and was permanently exempted from examination by the Provincial Exhibition
In 1998, awarded Chung Hsing Art Award 
In 2002, awarded the 40th Golden Hand award of Culture and Art for Top 10 Outstanding Young People
In 2004, awarded the 11th Global Chinese Culture and Art Award

Picutre Albums/Books

"Hsu Wen-Jung Works" a total of 10 volumes