Jiang, Yi-Zi
Express culture and philosophy through paintings
Born in 1938 in Houguan County, Fujian Province, his original name is Jinxiang. Yizi is an art name given by Yang Yuan, which he used as his signature on many of his works afterwards. As a student, he has learned from several masters sunch as Pu Hsin-Yu, Peng Chuen-Shi, and Lyu Fo-Ting, and practiced his painting at Taipei’s National Palace Museum. He focused on figure paintings and started from styles of Tang Dynasty, the Five Dynasties, and the Song Dynasty, and then painted landscape, flowers and birds etc. Later he also learned after Li Xuelu, a great master from Jinan, to study classic books, history, and poems, as well as Buddhism, which laid foundation for his moral spirit and art achievements in the future. In 1959, painted "Paradise in the West” and “Ninefold Next Life” for the cover of a Buddhist book, “Bodhi Tree”; In 1962, facsimiled 20 Dunhuang frescoes and painted “Eight Phases of Sykaya Buddhahood” for Fo Kwang Mountain in Kaohsiung; In 1968, withdrew from society and focused on calligraphy and painting, learning poem and Buddhist doctrine attentively from the lay Buddhist, Mr. Li Xuelu, and owned a study house named “Shui Yue Jing”; In 1993, finished 45 paintings of “Confucius' Performance and His Ten Sage Students” by fine brushwork and achieved attentions from domestic and overseas cultural circles. Mr. Jiang engaged in painting for more than 50 years and diligently focused on his creation of works. He always adhered to traditional concept and this concept often expressed through his paintings of which many carry the spirit of Confucius’ ethic of filial piety, loyalty and trust, as well as the Buddhism concept of karma and the idea of “people are my brothers and all things are my kind”. His efforts not only caused a broad response, but also carried out Confucius’ teaching: the spirit of "set loft ideas on truth, conduct on morality, be kind to people, and play in the art and knowledge”




In 1964, first solo exhibition
In 1978, second solo exhibition 
In 2004, special exhibition of "Support Painting"
In 2005, special exhibition of "The Heart of Dharmadhatu"
In 2007, special exhibition of "Age of Art"

Award-winning records

In 1965, picture of “Huaiyin Youth” won the first prize of Taiwan Chinese Painting Competition
In 1966, picture of “Jin Ke Presents Picture to the Emperor” won consecutively the first prize of Taiwan Chinese Painting Competition
In 1967, picture of “The Grace of Orchid Pavilion” won the first prize of Taiwan SDX Chinese Painting Competition 
In 1968, picture of “Ming Emperor Peep into The Mirror” won the First Award of Lu Guang