Environmental management
Environmental management
"Environmental Management" is one of the most important issues for all human beings in the coming decades. Hsing Tai Color Printing Group cherishes and protects the natural ecological environment, including the overall working environment, machinery and equipment, printing media material, and ink use, etc. Every product that Hsing Tai delivered to the customer is expected to be environmentally friendly.
Overall Working Environment
a. Clean and brightly lighted factory buildings
b. Create an artistic atmosphere :
- On the external office wall: Displaying digital giclée print wallpaper of paintings legally authorized by the artist
- The internal of the office: Showcasing digital giclée print art curtains and drawings on paintings which are legally authorized by artists and museums.
Machinery and equipment
a. Considerations to be taken in account when buying equipment: Provide employees with a healthier working environment
b. Traditional printing machine: Heidelberg printing machine has better dust collection (waste water, waste, ink, dust)
c. Digital giclée printing equipment:
- Use original Epson/HP equipment which is environmentally friendly and has less noise.
- Inkjet is odorless and is suitable for indoor, restaurant and decoration applications. It is harmless to human body and environment.
Stencil Making Equipment
a. CTP stencil making: no film, more environmentally friendly
b. Digital technology can reduce the amount of film manufacturing, color change during film processing and reproduce the exquisiteness of the original painting.
Consumables usage
a. Use environmental friendly soybean ink for printing, which creates no air pollution, ink, waste water and dust
b. Use original nano inkjet
c. Use EU certified environmental friendly printing media material
Social Care
Social Care
Hsing Tai Color Printing Group regularly cooperates with other industries to participate and promote in an artistic lifestyle, repaying the society and caring for the people.
Social Participation
a. Cooperate with School: Organize seminars on "Artistic Lifestyle" with Taichung University of Education
b. Cooperate with business enterprise: Promote the “Youth Theme Activities” with the Quanta Foundation in all primary and secondary schools
c. Participate in social service with Rotary Club and conduct charity fairs for the disadvantaged group
d. Plan regular professional guidance towards artistic lifestyle and allow students and groups to make an appointment to visit
Employee Management
a. The goal of employee management is to foster a corporate culture of sharing, motivating, learning and growing.
b. Provide employees with a fair rewarding and benefits system. Show care on employee health and work environment security
Research and Innovation
Research and Innovation
Hsing Tai Color Printing Group invests in research and development continuously, reduces product which consume resources and uses environmental friendly media material to reduce environmental pollution.
Improve product durability
a. Guarantee from Nano Technology Ink Factory
b. The product passes the environmental test, and is resistant to moisture, temperature change and light.
Environmentally friendly printing media material
a. The R&D team conducts testing on media materials so as to allow a diversified selection of the printing media materials.
b. With going green and protecting the environment as the main objective, only environmental friendly media material with international certification and free of harmful pollutants is used.