1945 ︱ With the "pursuit of video art" as the company's most important core value, the founder, Mr. Chen Geng-bin, founded Hsing Tai Stencilmaking and Printing Factory in year 1945.
1960 ︱ The first manufacturer to cooperate with Taipei's National Palace Museum to undertake the printing jobs of the museum's ancient paintings, postcards, and its first precious publications.
Printed Huang Jun-bi's paintings and calligraphies collected by Taipei's National History Museum.
1968 ︱ Established the first printing factory with constant temperature and humidity control in Taiwan.
1970 ︱ Took up textbook printing orders from domestic Taiwan bookstore and also international printing orders.
1980 ︱ First in Taiwan to use inkjet for sample printing, serving artists and the art industry, the printing jobs of picture album work has grown rapidly.
2000 ︱ Serve the art industry with modern "digital giclée printing technology".
2003 ︱ Brought in new EPSON PRO10600 digital printing equipment.
2005 ︱ Upgrade digital giclée printing output equipment with durable UltraChrome pigment ink.
Successfully test digital giclée printing on media such as rice paper, Chinese painting paper, crepe cloth, and canvas etc.
2006 ︱ Being invited to participate in Beijing "Keyin Cup Digital Contest" and won three highest awards: Gold Medal/Innovation Award/Member Recommendation Award.
Copied Jiang Yizi's painting "Hell in Disguise" by digital giclée printing technology and was invited to the UNESCO World Expo in Paris, France to commemorate the 2550th birthday of Buddha Sakyamuni.
2008 ︱ Has won the "Taiwan Gold Printing Award" every year starting from year 2008.
Organize a professional R&D team to promote an artistic lifestyle.
2013 ︱ Consummate Art Gallery collaborates with Taipei's National Palace Museum on dual-brand licensing to develop products of collections on paintings and calligraphy.
2014 ︱ Brought in the new Epson Stylus Pro 9890 and uses original Epson UltraChrome K3TM Blush/Light Blush Ink which is guaranteed to last for 85 years without fading.
Set up Consummate Art Gallery counter at B1 Duobaoge of Taipei's National Palace Museum and 2F of Tingyun Bookstore to provide the most perfect digital giclée print products. It is highly recognized by the museum and customers and is identified as the number one brand in the Chinese painting and calligraphy industry
2015 ︱ Brought in new equipment HP Latex 360 which allows the selection of digital printing media to be more diversified. It uses environmentally friendly water-based inks which contain no harmful pollutants and is suitable for indoor usage. Thus, creating a healthier artistic environment, realize "green environmental protection".
Digital giclée printing products series such as "Courtyard in Qing Dynasty" and "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival" have won the "2016 Taiwan Excellence Award".
2016 ︱ Developed "Derivative products of the National Museum of History Collection" and cooperated with the Shiyi Multimedia Channel.
The "Ukiyo-e series of products" was developed and was well received by the consumers during the exhibition at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.
Developed "Derivative products of the Chimei Museum Collection" and sold them in the Chi Mei Museum.
2017 ︱ Brought in new device of Epson SureColor SC-P9000 with new Ultra Chrome HDX ink system. The Pantone color coverage will reach an unprecedented 99% and has ultra-high D-Max value. It is able to show high-density, three-dimensional black and create more valuable large paintings.
Affirmed by the "Taiwan Gold Printing Award for Technological Innovation" to be the best partner to work together to create a win-win situation in the printing and art industries.
The limited digital giclée printing edition of the National Museum of History's "Acacia Paris" collection at the Changyu exhibition has won the praise of collectors.
2018 ︱ The new Consummate Art Gallery counter at the B1 Duobaoge of Taipei's National Palace Museum gives customers a more comfortable space to enjoying arts. It gives more diverse and interesting options to customers by providing the Gallery's cultural creative series of products.
2019 ︱ Hsing Tai Color Printing Co. Ltd. introduces the new XF IQ4 150MP camera of the advanced photography brand "Phase One" that can produce photos with up to 150 million pixels to meet customers' needs for high-quality and high-definition images, and lead the digital collection of paintings to better quality. Hsing Tai Color Printing Co. Ltd. invests in the most advanced cameras. In addition to the digital collection of paintings, Hsing Tai Color Printing Co. Ltd. has applied high-quality images to the life art service of Consummate Artwork Gallery to achieve the best quality.
2021 ︱ Hsing Tai Color Printing Co. Ltd. has introduced the first and the world's latest technology, the METIS high-end 2D+3D scanner, which uses high-tech LED intelligent light source technology and a high-end lens to preserve the original color, brushwork, thickness and texture of traditional cultural relics and artworks by using optical principles and software algorithms. The equipment is a benchmark in the industry for its advanced 2D+3D technology.