Hsing Tai Color Printing Group: The ultimate pursuit of image art
Founded in 1945, Hsing Tai Color Printing Group sets "the ultimate pursuit of image art" as the company's most important core value. Known in the industry for its state-ofthe-art image reproduction technology and color management system, the company's products including product brochure, picture books and other professional custommade printing products are highly recognized by the art and literature community and the business community. From 2000 year, the company has invested several digital micro-injection equipments, and has been constantly developing innovative imaging technology and testing various types of printing media. At present, the company can remake more than 10,000 pieces of original painting and produce more than 200 picture books every year. In 2006, the company was invited to participate in "Ke-Yin Cup" digital contest in Beijing and won three of the highest awards. The company has participated in the "Taiwan Gold Printing Award" every year since 2008 and has been awarded top three awards in "digital printing category". The digital image acquisition and color management technology can be described as the leader of printing industry.

"Consummate Artwork Gallery": Using new technology to create a broader vision for art
Aimed at the art collection market, Hsing Tai Color Printing Group has established the most exquisite digital giclée printing business sector - Consummate Art Gallery. In recent years of promotion of artistic life and aesthetic economy, Consummate Art Gallery develops a digital giclée printing for art market by virtue of the group's rich humanistic literacy and the most exquisite reproduction skills. Combined with a wide variety of material performance, plus the high quality light-and-moisture-resistant ink-jet printing technology, the company can produce digital reproductions that revive originals and made artists stun. Furthermore, the company has established a complete authorization system to allow limited and perfect artistic works enter into normal people's life. Consummate Art Gallery not only pursues perfection, but also hopes that each work could be rendered exquisitely like an artwork.

Meet Taipei's National Palace Museum: Starts from calligraphy and painting collection of Taipei's National Palace Museum
In 1960:
Hsing Tai Color Printing Group is the first printing factory that Taipei's National Palace Museum developed and cooperates with to undertake the printing jobs of the museum's ancient paintings, postcards, and its first precious publications.
In 2013:
Consummate Art Gallery officially acquired a dual-brand authorization from Taipei's National Palace Museum and has developed hundreds of products of calligraphy and painting collected by the museum till now. By using the advanced digital giclée printing technology, which contains stability characteristics including anti-aging, moisture-andtemperature resistance, and light resistance, plus a professional color management which restores the originals, it allows people to closely enjoy ancient emperors' collection of treasure arts, popularizing museum and dissolving the art into life.
In 2015:
Digital giclée painting products of "Courtyard in Qing Dynasty" and "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival" were awarded the "Taiwan Excellence 2016".