Digital Image Capture

The quality of a digital copy painting can be determined by digital image capture, image processing, image output control and the media used. Hsing Tai Color Printing Group has the most professional painting image capturing studio and constantly updates the image capturing equipment by following the advancement of technology. Currently, it adopts the world's highest resolution digital panel of 150 million pixels, providing the highest resolution and most convenient way for digital painting collection. In order to make the painting more stereoscopic, various reproduction lighting techniques are used based on the attributes of the paintings and thus, producing a three-dimensional lighting effect. The texturing of the oil painting and the distinctive color layers of the Chinese painting are vividly reproduced. The images of all types of paintings can be perfectly captured.
Color Management

The professional imaging department will fine-tune and remove the dirty spots, scratches, stains and other unsightly places on the digital image files carefully. Based on the demand, the files of large paintings can be combined and organized. The brightness at different region of the paintings can be adjusted to give a more layered presentation and samples are produced to confirm the quality of the reproduction. Only when the quality is confirmed, a standard set of fine digitalization painting is then completed. Or else, image adjustments and color corrections will be further carried out.

From the use of Macbeth and Kodak color guide to the era of digital photography, the most advanced color control system has been used to do computerization on the whole ICC color management process. Hence, the oil painting, Chinese painting (color ink painting), glue-pigment painting, and watercolor painting have their own exclusive image processing and color reproduction management system.
Wide Gamut Color Correction

A very fine stable inkjet head whose smallest ink point size is 3.5 pico grams (one cc of ink can produce about 300 million points) and maximum ink point size is 12 times larger is used. With this equipment, the printing result will have a very good lighting, color and intensity change presentation. An up to 2880dpi of super-fine resolution gives excellent and consistent color presentation in joint paintings which are of thousands long-length drawings.

Through the usage of nano-grade wide color gamut pigment inkjet, the ink color can widely achieve a variety of different painting effect. The coloring material with micro-coated resin can greatly improve the durability of the printed product. In response to different media materials, it is necessary to generate computer control curves for different color reproductions in order to maintain the wide color gamut digital reproduction on diversified media materials.
System Establishment on Diversified Media Material

In order to meet the needs of creations using different media materials, we actively develop and search for a variety of inkjet materials. Our search covers non-inkjet materials and we also look into additional processing on absorbent and non-absorbent media material so as to maximize the presentation effect of inkjet. Through using computer and many color standards, the documentations and revisions of the reproducibility characteristics of various media materials are done to achieve the best color reproduction. The reproduction effect is ensured to be consistent under different conditions through adjustments with measurement instruments and computers.
Evaluation of Digital Copied Painting and Original Painting

Hsing Tai Color Printing Group constantly keeps up with the times to update its software and hardware equipment and consolidates different media material varieties to create vivid digital reproductions of paintings of different era. Due to the very minor difference in the reproduction and high expectations of the customer, it is not enough to judge the quality of the reproductions based on data from chemical analysis. Professional art personnel with decades of experience are engaged to carefully check the quality of each reproduction.

Since founded in 1945, Hsing Tai Printing Color Group has served many artists and museums. It has accumulated countless experience in reproducing works of different characteristics. It can reproduce painting digitally with exquisite technology, artist’s evaluation and professional color correction ability. This skill is continuously improved to a more refined level.
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