◆ Brand Authorization

Taipei's National Palace Museum

Hsing Tai Color Printing Group obtained the authorization of Taipei's National Palace Museum with its superior technology and developed the paintings and calligraphy collections with its own brand of “Consummate Artwork Gallery”. Its special counter is set up in the museum to promote the brand and obtained high recognition from the museum and consumers. It is recognized as the number one brand in the world of painting and calligraphy.


Classic Series

The development of product series of Taipei's National Palace Museum must undergo a strict and meticulous product inspection process. Only when inspection on processes starting from the new product concept and design, product sample making, color comparison with the teachers from the Department of Painting and Calligraphy and product improvements is completed, the products are then able to obtain the security laser labels from the Museum and go for sale.。


Cultural Innovation Series

"Cultural Innovation Series" products were developed to allow consumers to collect digital giclée paintings and enrich their lives through interesting products. Products of this series include small pictures, multipurpose bags, cards and literatures, postcards and book collection tickets.


Taipei's National History Museum

Embroidery Series Collection

The National Museum of History has a collection of elegant and exquisite embroidery. Through design, the gallery hopes to present exquisite craftsmanship of the museum collections with creative ideas by colorful products. Products include multipurpose bags and cards, colorful brocade coaster, and digital printings.


Chi Mei Museum

Life Picture Series

Consummate Artwork Gallery has been authorized by Chi Mei Museum to make perfect life pictures of classic paintings from the Museum by using its top image processing technology and professional color management system, thus, hoping that the museum's artistic aesthetics can enter into ordinary people's daily life.



◆ Joint Cooperation

The National Museum of History

Chang Yu's 50th Anniversary Commemoration Project

Consummate Artwork Gallery has developed and produced the limited 199 pieces of digital giclée painting series that is officially authorized by the National Museum of History. All these products were designed based on an in-depth analysis of Chang Yu's life history and painting style.


Orsay Art Museum

Impression ‧ 30th Anniversary Exhibition of Orsay Art Museum at Left Bank

Consummate Artwork Gallery serves the art industry with modern "digital giclée painting technology". The digital reproduction of original paintings has been well received by all walks of life. It is honored to jointly develop the exhibition peripherals such as the frameless paintings and the digital giclée painted reproductions. All packaging designs of the paintings are customized with unique identification band and warranty.



◆ Cross Industry Alliance

The Beauty of Taoyuan Activity

1.Interview with artists

2.The artist collection of the beauty of Taoyuan

3.New book press conference planning

4.New book presentation poster / invitation / stage back display / entrance signature panel production

5.Event Website

6.Event Marketing, TV Broadcasting Network


Li Zijian Art Museum

Making of digital giclée printing products


Kongxiang Art Museum

Showroom arrangement of Mr. Shi Jinhui's exhibition; Making of digital giclée printing works and cultural innovation products


Lin, Chih-Chu Memorial

Making of digital giclée printing works and cultural innovation products


Kuo Hsueh-Hu Foundation

Production of digital giclée printing works such as Festival on South Street, Scenery near Yuanshan, Colorful Boats on the Tan Chiang River and Clearing after Rain and Snow


Mr. Hungyi

Making of digital giclée printing works and Cultural innovation products



Mr. Hsu Wen-Jong

Making of digital giclée printing works and album printing


Mdm. Chiang Hsin-Ching

Digital Print Production



◆ Digital Giclée printing


Chang Yu, Yu Chengyao


Golden Aries Art Center

Lin Yushan, Zhang Keqi


Yalin Art

Yu Chia Le



◆ Album Printing

Art galleries including eGallery, Caves Art Center, Da Xiang Art Space, Baisong Gallery, River Art, iP Gallery, In River Gallery, Loftyart Gallery, Golden Aries Art Center, Lotudit Art Gallery etc.



◆ Exhibition Promotions

Taipei's National Palace Museum – Treasured Masterpieces Exhibition


UNESCO Exhibition


Do the best to collect jade - Changyu authorized cultural innovation product exhibition


Taichung University of Education


Through the time of ancient and modern Art exhibition of digital giclée printing

Art Domain Roaming - Giuseppe Castiglione New Media Art Exhibition – Italy Exhibition


Quanta IMMERSED in CREATIVITY - Miro Exhibition



◆ Media Interview

2017 TVBS “Changing World”



◆ Art Space Planning

Hsing Tai Color Printing Co., Ltd.

Taichung, Taipei office art mural

Art Curtain Display Space


Sen Yuan Residence – Art Home


Fong Yi Construction – Qinkonghui Property


Design and production planning of National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra stage


Overseas Chinese University - Catering Building


Chienkuo Technology University, Commander Station


Column of Duobaoge in Taipei's National Palace Museum


Hsu Wen-Jong's Studio


The Great Buddha Hall of Lienyun Temple, Pingtung


Taichung Arts Festival - Lin, Chih-Chu Digital Collection