Hsing Tai Color Printing Co. Ltd. has introduced the first and the world's latest technology, the METIS high-end 2D+3D scanner, which uses high-tech LED intelligent light source technology and a high-end lens to preserve the original color, brushwork, thickness and texture of traditional cultural relics and artworks by using optical principles and software algorithms. The equipment is a benchmark in the industry for its advanced 2D+3D technology.

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Italian high precision scanning brand

Hsing Tai Color Printing Co. Ltd. introduces the first Italian METIS scanner in Taiwan, the latest METIS DRS 2020 DCS, which is an automated system that uses photometric 3D light and shadow technology, perfect for scanning artwork, heritage and decorative items.



With a scanner size of 180 x 120 cm, it is the largest of the new METIS models and can carry up to 200 kg. With a fixed air-absorbing platform, it is safe and stable without the need for framing and metering, and is ready to scan.


Superb 1.2 billion pixel high definition image

The latest 16K native optical resolution of up to 1200 PPI is equivalent to 1.2 billion pixels. The new high color rendering LED lighting system automatically controls the angle and intensity of the various light sources in the scanning area to optimize image quality.


The World's Most Powerful METIS Intelligent Light Source 3D Scanner

Museum-grade digital collection services

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