An awards ceremony was held at the International Convention Center Kaohsiung (ICCK) on November 8, 2019 for the 13th Taiwan Golden Print Awards, which was sponsored by the Industrial Development Bureau under Ministry of Economic Affairs, co-sponsored by the Economic Development Bureau under the Kaohsiung City Government, 7 groups in the printing industry and TGDA (Taiwan Graphic Design Association), and implemented by the Printing Technology Research Institute.

Hsing Tai Color Printing Co. Ltd. won the dual championships by taking the 1st place in both the Digital Printing Category with the "Collective Edition - Court Artists Qing Dynasty - Along the River During the Qingming Festival (Hand Roll)" and the Creativity Category with "Cross-Breeding Metamorphosis - Yang Mao-lin's Mythology - 3D Book.” The winning works highly utilized multiple printing and processing techniques, while also taking full advantage of the digital printing technology and showing Taiwan's cultural soft power through printing.



The 13th Taiwan Golden Print Awards 
Digital Printing Category - 1st Place - Collective Edition - Court Artists Qing Dynasty - Along the River During the Qingming Festival (Hand Roll)   

The painting titled "Along the River During the Qingming Festival" was completed in collaboration with the artists from the Qing Palace Art Academy. It won the prize with a variety of characters and scenery. The whole work includes rural scenery, the market over the rainbow-shaped bridge, the conditions inside and outside the city gate, and the Jinming Pool. In addition to the bustling characters and the dazzling shops, there are also literati gardens and the magnificent Royal Court Gardens that strive to create a lively atmosphere. It can be considered as the epitome of the urban style in the 18th century. 




The 13th Taiwan Golden Print Awards
Creativity Category - 1st Place - Cross-Breeding Metamorphosis - Yang Mao-lin's Mythology - 3D Book

 【No culture can be completely static and preserved intact forever, especially the process of cultural change, which is usually a mixed breed caused by invasion of other cultures. In the face of the unstoppable process of cultural interaction and integration, what needs to be discussed is not the question of right and wrong, but the issue of the autonomy or non-autonomy and self-awareness or non-self-awareness of the weak culture. My creations are presenting the phenomena that have happened or are happening above, and maintain a relationship like that between the audience and the stage, where some are onlookers, some are the protagonists in the drama.】----Yang Maolin