Phase OneXF  IQ4 150MP

Hsing Tai Color Printing Co. Ltd. introduces the new XF IQ4 150MP camera of the advanced photography brand "Phase One" that can produce photos with up to 150 million pixels to meet customers' needs for high-quality and high-definition images, and lead the digital collection of paintings to better quality. Hsing Tai Color Printing Co. Ltd. invests in the most advanced cameras. In addition to the digital collection of paintings, Hsing Tai Color Printing Co. Ltd. has applied high-quality images to the life art service of Consummate Artwork Gallery to achieve the best quality.


IQ4 not only greatly improves the quality of large-size high-resolution images. With a better optical lens set and a professional color management system from Hsing Tai Color Printing Co. Ltd., Phase One surpasses the original equipment in every detail. In terms of the level of detail in the bright part, the mid-tone to the dark tone, and the sharpness, the device can faithfully represent the essence of the original, and more completely without distortion to meet the immersive quality that customers want.



After Phase One launched a multi-megapixel camera back, it also introduced a more advanced new lens. Therefore, in addition to upgrading the body and back, the lens is also fully upgraded. Depending on the size of the painting, the photographer will change the lens for remake to ensure the quality. The new camera back is amazing with the new lens. With the new lens, the resolution is also improved, and of course, the level of detail will remain more and richer.


High-Definition (150 Million Pixels)

Hsing Tai Color Printing Co. Ltd. has a professional independent studio. In order to make the paintings appear more three-dimensional, the photographer must perform various remake lighting techniques according to the attributes of the painting, and then present a more three-dimensional light and shadow effect.


Alternation of Generations

When the 80 million pixel camera was first launched in 2011, it created a myth of high picture quality. At that time, Hsing Tai Color Printing Co. Ltd. also joined this myth. Today's camera quality has entered a whole new generation, with camera pixels increasing to 150 million pixels. However, Hsing Tai Color Printing Co. Ltd. has also entered a new era of rising in the rank, allowing customers to experience the higher quality.


IQ180 has created countless albums, albums and reproductions. It has been affirmed by many artists and it is believed that the use of the new IQ4 in the future can create even brighter sparks.


What’s more besides the ultra-high pixels and resolution?

Having an ultra-high pixel camera just gets you through the threshold. The most important thing is the color reproduction. Hsing Tai Color Printing Co. Ltd. is committed to color reproduction, and applying software and adding basic color management processes to the photography side. It is hoped that when the digital archiving is carried out, the quality will be maintained immediately. Of course, the most important thing is the final output. For either the album printing or the digital micro-jet printing, professional color management engineers can use professional color management systems to restore file colors.


| Independent Studio |

The color management has been implemented at the photography end with the aim to ensure that remake paintings can be restored to the most true colors in the first step of the workflow.


| Color Management |

Hsing Tai Color Printing Co. Ltd. has a professional color management system. The purpose is to strictly control the consistency of color management and greatly improve the accuracy of image input and color control processes.


| Meet the Strict Standards and Requirements for Colors set by Professional Customers |

In addition to the detailed performance of the camera itself, color management also plays a very important role. Good color management allows the colors, details, and levels of paintings to be fully represented, so that paintings will not lose their original vitality after remakes.


In addition to the richest experience in image photography, our image management team also has the best hardware, software and computer equipment, and can provide you with the best image quality and services with a serious attitude and the most complete photographic equipment. Our image management sedrvice pertains a wide range from digital cameras, scanners, and screen corrections on the input side to large-format inkjet output machines and printers on the output side.
By communicating with customers, we can better understand their thoughts and adjust the color characteristics according to the color requirements and habits of different customers, thereby achieving the "authentic" presentation of colors.